Ways to communicate with a Chinese crew and to get footage from China

Many websites or applications which are popular in Western countries don’t work in China, such as Google, Facebook, and WhatsApp. We need to use VPN to have access to these websites and applications, but VPN is not stable. To make sure that a shoot goes well, it’s important to know how to communicate with a […]

Shooting permissions in China-Everything you should know

Filming in China can be a tricky endeavor due to the many different regulations and permit requirements needed in order to be able to shoot in the country. Obtaining the various permissions and permits necessary to shoot in China can be time-consuming and daunting. Focus Film China can help you with shooting permissions, as well […]

Drone shooting in Beijing: rules and tips

ne of the most frequent questions that Focus Film China received from clients is : Can your team do drone shooting in Beijing? In Beijing, the no-drone zone is getting bigger and bigger every year. Roughly speaking, inside the 5th ring road of Beijing, there is no chance to do drone shooting. But Focus Film […]

The Power of Video Testimonials

The power of video testimonials is undeniable. They provide businesses with a unique opportunity to showcase their brand’s voice and tell the story of how they have helped solve customers’ problems. Unlike written reviews, video testimonials capture authentic emotions and interactions that resonate well with potential customers, making them an effective marketing tool. https://youtu.be/xCKKTlqYRXA Video […]

Live-streaming in China: Tips to Maximize Your Reach

live-steaming in China In today’s digital landscape, live-streaming has become an essential platform for brands and content creators looking to reach and engage their audiences. Live streaming offers unprecedented opportunities for content creators to connect with their fans in real-time. Whether it’s drawing large crowds on Twitch or connecting one-on-one through Instagram Live, viewers crave […]

5 Tips for Filming in China: A Guide for International Production Crews

China offers a vast array of stunning locations ranging from the bustling streets of Shanghai to the serene landscapes of Guilin. However, filming in a country with such a rich culture and stringent regulations can be a challenge for international production crews. Our bilingual video crew, experienced in navigating the complexities of international and local […]

Interview with Chinese diver Wang Zongyuan

Paris Olympics are around the corner! Focus Film China, one of the leading video production companies in China, had the honor to be trusted by both Chinese Swimming Association and OBS for the interview shooting with Wang Zongyuan, one of the most famous Chinese athletes. Wang Zongyuan is a five-time world champion who also clinched […]